Garden Club Forum Purpose:

Coordinate the interests of the garden clubs of Toledo and surrounding communities, promote interest in and increase the knowledge of horticulture and related activities by its members. Encourage the organization of new garden clubs and study groups. Further civic and state beautification. Promote beautification, conservation and prudent use of natural resources. Encourage the development of home gardening and floral design. Sponsor such other activities as might properly come within the scope of garden clubs.

Projects & Activities:

Conservation Programs • Toledo Botanical Gardens – Serve as Nature Guides, Garden Maintenance, Workshops • Flower Shows, Perennial & Children’s Gardens • Garden Club Forum Scholarship Fund • Golden Membership Scholarship Fund • Flower Shows and Flower Art that meet NCSGC Standards • Gardening Consultants • Landscape Design Critics • Educational meetings open to the public • History of the Toledo Garden Club Forum Garden Club Forum Awards Garden Therapy - Elizabeth Scott Community House Internship Program at Toledo Botanical Garden, 2005-2013 • Youth Education Services - Y.E.S. Program • Beautification Downtown Toledo • Floral Design Workshops • Kitty Todd Preserve - Wildflower Project • Bittersweet Farms Hoop Garden - Donations 2011 and 2013 • 80th Anniversary celebration and fundraiser • Floral Design School by Northwest Ohio Region Judges Council • Habitat for Humanity Vegetable Garden.

Accomplishments 1932-2016:

The Edna Ford Knight Gardens at the Toledo Zoo • The Arboretum at Secor Park • Environmental Clearing House • Goodwill Industries Gardens • Books to Maumee and Zoo libraries • Establishment of a library at Toledo Botanical Garden • Gardens at Crosby Gardens, now Toledo Botanical Garden • The Mall Gardens at the University of Toledo • Renovation of the Stables at Toledo Botanical Garden • Perennial Garden at Forum • Residence Rezoning of Promenade Park • Established First High School Garden Club at Penta County Vocational School • Perrysburg Commons monthly programs • Beautification Projects: Plantings at downtown locations, Promenade Park • Wildwood Manor: Decorating for Homespun Holidays over 25 years • Sesquicentennial Hostesses & Floral Arrangements • Restoration of the “Lady” statue at the Toledo Zoo • Retirement Homes Programs • Party in the Park at N.O.D.C. • Youth Education Program at Toledo Schools • Lucas County Courthouse Landscaping • Plantings at the Valentine Theatre • Renovation Planters at the Toledo Zoo Conservatory • Plantings at the Lucas County Dog Pound • Donation of White Swamp Oak tree at the Toledo Zoo • City of Toledo Trees for Anthony Wayne Trail - 3 years • Participation in Toledo Gateway Project • Presentation of a bench to the Toledo Zoo • Helen Eckel Garden to the Toledo Zoo • Floral Arrangements for Crosby Arts Luncheon • Habitat for Humanity Vegetable Garden • Floral Arrangements for Stranleigh House teas.